AER (Advanced Electronics Repair)
Course Name: Advanced Electronics Repair

Course Code : AER
Course Duration: 2 months
Topics Covered

* Refresh Of Basic Electronics Course * Fixing Power Supply Electronics Project kit * How Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Work * How To Read SMPS Schematic Diagram * How To Perform Voltage Testing On SMPS * How To Use DC Ammeter and Light Bulb to Troubleshoot SMPS * How To Use Flickering and Isolation Method To Solve SMPS problem * How To Find Replacement Components in SMPS * How Electronics Equipment Mainboard/Motherboard Work * How To Read A Typical Electronics Equipment Mainboard Schematic Diagram * Understanding Oscilloscope * How To Use Oscilloscope To Perform Troubleshooting on Power Supply and Mainboard * How To Perform Voltage Testing On Mainboard * How to use EEPROM Programmer to program EEPROM IC and * How To Trace Shorted Components In A Mainboard * How To Use A Rework Station * Fixing another Electronics Project kit * How To Read SMD Components Coding * How To Use Smart Tweezer Tester To Check On SMD Components * How To Find Replacement For SMD Components * How ToUse Coolant and Hair Dryer To Locate Intermittent Faults In Power supply and Mainboard. * How to use Huntron Tracker to locate faulty components in Mainboard. * Troubleshooting and repairing real problems in a circuit board * Continue with the troubleshooting and repairing of real problem in circuit board